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About Us


Bre'elle Hamilton- CPT,CN 

"The Woman Behind Straight Fitnessin"

  "Straight Fitnessin" was founded in 2015 by Bre'elle Hamilton in order to help people achieve their goals of living a healthy lifestyle regardless of the season. Throughout most of Bre'elle's life her passion for Health & Fitness was expressed throughout her competitive track & field career since the age of 10 years old. 


But at the age of 20, Bre'elle became hospitalized due to a virus, and was later diagnosed with MyoCarditis. The virus attacked her heart, leaving her on life support and nearly ending her life but it seemed that her strength, healthy lifestyle, and the power of GOD kept her alive. After this tragic experience, she realized the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and she then went on to obtain her Personal Training Certification and went to college to pursue her Master's degree in Sports medicine. 


Bre’elle has trained people of all backgrounds and age groups! With a diverse group of clientele some would say that her training style is simply unmatched! Her specialty is Weight loss & Strength training. You may have seen her in magazines such as Voyage LA and ShoutoutLA to name a few!


   Today Bre'elle is dedicating her life to helping others to live longer and stronger through her personal training company " Straight Fitnessin". As she would say We Change Lifestyles". 

"Everyone has a purpose in life mine is making sure you reach yours!"

-Bre'elle Hamilton