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(Frequently Asked Questions)

How long is each training session?


Each training session is between 30-60 mins in length, depending on the chosen plan, package or online program!

How long does it take to see results?


Results can take up to 6- 8 weeks depending on the consistency of the client, the amount of time spent each week training and sticking to a clean realistic diet.



Can I get a refund for any services or packages I purchased?


Unfortunately, No refund will be issued for any service, package or Online training program purchased!


We encourage all customers & clients to email with any concerns or questions before making a purchase!


All sales are final!


Do I need any equipment for the training sessions?


No equipment is needed for any in-person training sessions! All equipment will be provided by the associated trainer!


However, for the Online training programs we find it helpful to look at the suggested equipment needed list for the chosen program to ensure quality results & workouts



Are there recurring fees for the online training programs?


Yes, there is a monthly fee of $60.00 for the online training programs!


Can I cancel my online membership or Training sessions if need be?


Yes, you can cancel anytime! There is no cancellation fee or penalty charge.


What does the Online training Program include?


  • Variety of Customized Training Programs to choose from based on your fitness goals.

  • Access to step-by-step videos to watch anytime, anyplace and on any device With no expiration date! via online training member portal

  • Downloadable Workout schedule (PDF) for online programs!

  • Downloadable Meal guide (PDF) for online programs!

  • Virtual check-in sessions once a week to discuss your fitness progression.

  • 24/7 Online support 


Please note: You will not be able to download any workout videos only associated PDF files!

Online Training Programs can only be accessed through Via the SF Portal when logged into your account. 

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