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Lets Talk Substitutions and Alternatives

In regards to maintaining a healthy lifestyle we must look at percentages- Your overall health is based on 80% your diet and 20% fitness. So This Means - Food is the most important because it makes up a high percentage of your health. But the problem is we think we need to go to extreme lengths to maintain a Healthy BALANCED diet. And that is Absolutely Wrong.

We Must understand the principle of Substitutions and Moderations. Substitutions can be referred to as a healthy replacement/Alternative for a not so healthy food. Moderations are considered to be the act of cutting back on a certain food that your having access amounts of on a regular basis.

And as you start to substitutes foods for other ones you may notice that the healthier foods have the most benefits than the unhealthy foods

So with that being said lets take a look at some of substitutions we can use as a healthy alternative....

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If your able to Check out Nia Shanks page she provides a great deal of information regarding Examples of Moderation but since your here I will give you a snippet of what Moderation looks like

Down Below shows what Moderation looks like VS What People think Moderation looks like

Hope you guys have a good picture as to what Moderation and Substitutions look like Now!!! and Hopefully you all can implement these tips in your overall Health Goals

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