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My Vegan/Vegetarian Journey?

I can't remember when I became a full on vegetarian simply because at the time i was on a low sodium diet due to my diagnosis back in 2016 and it was a very hard transition but i realized I had to cut out certain foods one by one. I started by cutting out meat first like turkey and chicken then as i started to feel comfortable with that I started to cut out seafood. After i saw that I could be without any meat or seafood.

I fell more and more in love with not eating meat but of course "Protein" was always a big concern of mine as well as many people that would ask me how I get my protein by being on a vegetarian diet. At first i didn't know but now i can honestly say that i can easily obtain protein if not more being on a vegetarian/Vegan diet. Being Vegetarian/Vegan makes me feel more lighter on my feet as far working out is concerned.

For some reason when I would eat meat i felt a lot more tired and sluggish at times and sometimes I felt like it slowed me down. But now I just feel healthier than ever and i'm not saying meat cant be healthy because its all how you cook it and where you are purchasing your meat from but for me i'm okay with not having meat. But i will say dairy products are hard for me to cut just because i love Italian food but down the line I would like to be a full on Vegan - (which is someone who doesn't have any meat/seafood or dairy products).

But Since inheriting this Plant Based Vegan life I grown to love Cauliflower, Tofu, and much other vegetables of the world. Check out some of these lovely dishes below!!!

Avocado wrap with Sweet potato fries from Green Turtle

Quesadilla from Great Sage

French Toast, Tofu Eggs, Roasted Potatoes from The Grub Factory

Golden beets and carrots/Mac and cheese /Mash potatoes /Brocilini


Urban Plates

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